Brand Design

There are three major components of brand design that you must focus on once you have identified the target customer.

  • Brand essence
  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality 

Brand Essence

Brand essence is the timeless quality that a brand processes. It is a brand’s soul. The essence is usually articulated in the following three word format: adjective, adjective, noun.

The heart and soul that a brand possess.

Brand Promise

The brand promise is the most important part of brand design. Grandma’s promise a relevant, compelling, and differentiated benefit to the target customer. The brand must promise a benefit, not an attribute or feature. The benefit may be functional, emotional, experiential, or self expressive.

A brand must promise a relevant, compelling, and differentiated benefit to the targeted customer.

The ideal benefit has the following three qualities:

  1. It is extremely important to the target customer.
  2. Your organization is uniquely suited to delivering it.
  3. Competitors are not currently addressing it.

Don’t confuse attributes and features with benefits.

From my experience, the most powerful benefits give people hope that they can overcome their anxieties, fears, problems, or concerns into solutions, trust, excitement.

Identity your optimal brand benefit

  • Review previous product and brand research
  • Conduct qualitative research.
  • Identify the most compelling benefit statements with your customers.
  • Make a list of 20-40 possibilities

Brand Personality

Each branch and choose an intended personality based upon the branch aspirations and its customers current perceptions of the brand. His personality is usually communicated in 7 to 9 adjectives describing the brand as if it was a person.

A brand’s personality and values are often a function of

  • The personality and values of the organization’s founder
  • The personality and values of the organization’s current leader
  • The personalities and values of the organization’s most zealous customer/member/client
  • The brand’s crafted design/ positioning
  • Some combination of the above

Employees are also an important factor in communicating the brand’s personality and organizations in which the organizational brand is used. Employee recruiting, training, and managing to make your employees the ambassadors of their brand’s promise.

Repositioning a brand

Brand positioning exercise (video)

Next let’s look at ways to maintain brand consistency with brand identity standards and systems.

Designing the brand

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