Business strategy vs brand strategy vs marketing strategy.

Business Strategy

A business strategy details an organization’s vision, mission and long-term objectives.{transition} also priorities those objectives and describes specifically how it plans to achieve them. Generally, a business strategy should also cover the resources that will be needed to deliver it. e.g. market analysis, competitors analysis, entry and exit barriers, market segmentation, market trends, scale, product/service portfolio, branding etc.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy exists to enable, express and bring to life the business strategy. Therefore, a brand strategy clearly outlines a brand’s unique characteristics, values and attributes. For example, a clearly outlined brand strategy is comprised of the brand positioning, brand story, values and the employee value proposition. Additionally, if there are multiple brands, it may include a brand framework, brand portfolio strategy and customer value propositions.

Marketing Strategy

Finally, after an organisation has signed off on its brand strategy, it will need to create a marketing strategy and a marketing plan.

Whereas branding is strategic, marketing is more tactical. While branding is a pull tactic, marketing is a push tactic. Therefor all marketing initiatives and campaigns should reinforce the brands essence.

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