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Aura Project

Aura Project

The Challenge The Aura Project already had a logo they had been using durning the first few years of the organizations existence. They were set on various elements of the initial logo but wanted to bring a new life to the initial design while creating an exciting, yet cohesive brand identity system. What is the Aura Project? Aura Project is a non profit organization dedicated to better inform those living with epilepsy how to predict

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Theory Growth

Brand Identity Design for a Cannabis research start up. Theory growth is a start business in the cannabis sector. The company established in 2021 is a research and development organization. The Challenge Do to our experience working within the growing marijuana industry, Theory Growth asked us to design the logo and identity. We provided a variety of branding design for marketing collateral, promotional materials along with various communication touch points. Share This Share on facebook

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The Sentient

The Future of Sci Fi. The sentient is a physical and digital sci fi publication that features 4 original storylines every month. The publication also features parody and satirical articles that provides a little more atmospheric insight about the world that theses stores are told through. The Challenge Develop design systems for the publication including addition digital branding and visual design. We are in the process of building a website and will be the go

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Psychology of conversions

6 Psychological principles for better landing pages

Landing page design is not an easy task. It’s often about more than just looking nice and adding some content, but understanding your users so you can cater the right message for them in order to get results! Let’s explore some helpful principles of psychology that web designers should know before diving into their work day – or even better yet- let me show you real life examples from clients who have already seen success

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Rule Book

10 rules of digital media

Over the previous three years, we’ve established these ground rules as part of our interactive projects. They are an essential component of our methodology at Adept Creative. We can achieve excellent results if we stick to them. Furthermore, you’ll notice that many of them are equally applicable to print and new media. The medium has little bearing on the design: design is solely concerned with information and communication. Digital media design differs from print design

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How to start your business’s first blog

Benefits of starting business’s blog Today, everyone seems to have a website. In fact, it’s almost rare not to have one! But if your site is just sitting there collecting dust, you might be wondering why you even bothered getting one in the first place. Many people make the mistake of thinking that having a website is enough.  You can have all the bells and whistles,  but if  you are not adding content to your

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Feature Series

Featured multi page series on branding, marketing, advertising and design.

Designing the brand

Designing the Brand

The brand is increasingly becoming the key source of differentiation that guides a customer purchase choice. Your brand is what people say about you while your not in the room. Powerful brands demand attention. ⁠⁠They

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Building a brand

Building a Brand

In this series we will discuss what is involved with building a brand. In our last series we discussed how you go about designing a brand. Building a Brand series Brand Awareness to Brand Preference.

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aGency News

Adept Creative Music


As a firm rooted in creativity, our agency’s culture is built on the idea that music can be an inspiring force. We play a curated selection of tunes in our office that people love. In

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