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How to start your business’s first blog

Benefits of starting business’s blog Today, everyone seems to have a website. In fact, it’s almost rare not to have one! But if your site is just sitting there collecting dust, you might be wondering why you even bothered getting one in the first place. Many people make the mistake of thinking that having a website is enough.  You can have all the bells and whistles,  but if  you are not adding content to your

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Machine learning content writer

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing: How you can use artificial intelligence to scale your content marketing

The world of content marketing is rapidly changing. Today, the most successful brands are using artificial intelligence to generate more engaging and personalized content for their audiences. This blog post will discuss how you can use artificial intelligence to scale your content marketing efforts, as well as what tools exist to help you create AI-generated content. We’ll also explore the benefits of working with an agency that specializes in digital content strategies like Adept Creative

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SEO metrics

Cross Channel tracking and UTM parameters

What is cross channel monitoring? It’s a boring name for something that is actually quite exciting for marketers. This is the idea that messages can be distributed across multiple marketing channels, and customers will respond to each. It is possible to see how different channels affect and amplify each other. Ask more questions about your campaigns. How many impressions do it take for an average person to decide whether a message is worth their time? Cross-channel tracking

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Strategic sprint

How well is your content marketing driving your brand?

Every time we publish – web content, blog posts, emails, articles, information products – we represent our business and brand. We often focus on the “look” when it comes to branding, or designing of marketing materials and we often overlook the brand messaging aspect. The goal should be to present our business as a total package, this is known as brand unity or brand cohesion. How unified is your content messaging? When covid shut down

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Content marketing and inbound sales funnel

Content all across your sales funnel.

What is a “Sale Funnel”? The sales funnel is a term used to represent the customer’s journey. It is the process a potential customer goes through on their way to a sale. Just like its name indicates, a sales funnel is the widest at the top and narrowest at its bottom. Each stage of the funnel pushes your most qualified prospects into the next stage and drops those that are not a fit for your

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Adept Creative Case-studies

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The Sentient

The Future of Sci Fi. The sentient is a physical and digital sci fi publication that features 4 original storylines

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Branded merchandise for flow basketball

Flow Basketball

Start up basketball academy with a purpose. Flow basketball provides online basketball training and in person camps. The non profit

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Nimble Yoga Columbus

Nimble Yoga

Expanding from a small studio into a three location brand. Scope Logo Design Identity Messaging Environmental Design Print collateral Web

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Red Bean Coffee Branding

Red Bean

Simply delicious coffee Redbean is a online coffee roaster looking to expand into a brick and mortar coffee shop. Adept Creative

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