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SEO organic search

SEO Basics

SEO: How to get started This guide to search engine optimization (SEO), is best used to test and apply these concepts to your web page. This guide will walk you through the main aspects of SEO. It covers everything from finding keywords that can bring in organic traffic to your site, to making it search engine friendly, to building links and marketing your products and services. Search engine optimization is complex. Search engine optimization is complex.

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Brand identity guide

Why a brand strategy is important

Many small businesses overlook branding efforts. That is because they view themselves as a business and not a brand. They think brands are reserved for businesses that strive in an industry, have national or word recognition and massive revenue streams. Because of this, small businesses often resort to fun logos and maybe a stack of stock business cards. However, branding is important no matter the size of your business. Branding does the following Branding Enhances

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The benefits of being SEO friendly

What makes a website SEO friendly SEO friendly websites are fast loading, well-organized and easy to navigate. These qualities make SEO visitors more likely to stay on the site and convert into customers instead of quickly closing your page in frustration. This blog post will explore how you can become an SEO specialist’s best friend by creating a website that is already SEO friendly. When creating a SEO-friendly website you should keep in mind the

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Content marketing and inbound sales funnel

Content all across your sales funnel.

What is a “Sale Funnel”? The sales funnel is a term used to represent the customer’s journey. It is the process a potential customer goes through on their way to a sale. Just like its name indicates, a sales funnel is the widest at the top and narrowest at its bottom. Each stage of the funnel pushes your most qualified prospects into the next stage and drops those that are not a fit for your

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Adept Creative Case-studies

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The Sentient

The Future of Sci Fi. The sentient is a physical and digital sci fi publication that features 4 original storylines

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Branded merchandise for flow basketball

Flow Basketball

Start up basketball academy with a purpose. Flow basketball provides online basketball training and in person camps. The non profit

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Nimble Yoga Columbus

Nimble Yoga

Expanding from a small studio into a three location brand. Scope Logo Design Identity Messaging Environmental Design Print collateral Web

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Red Bean Coffee Branding

Red Bean

Simply delicious coffee Redbean is a online coffee roaster looking to expand into a brick and mortar coffee shop. Adept Creative

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