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An intro to our Digital Marketing process

Modern customers don't want to be sold to.

“Modern customers don’t want to be sold to. They are more interested in gathering information, have a discussion and coming to their own conclusions – or at least have the feeling of doing so”

Why SEO?

What marketing tactic is often associated with the highest ROI? SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is basically the art of ranking high on a search engine. SEO is the process of optimizing online content in a manner that makes search engines see and rank your web pages around specific keywords. The number of visitors who reach your site from keyword optimization is know as organic traffic.

Last year, companies spent more on SEO than any other digital marketing channel. In order for you to get the highest return on your SEO efforts, you’ll want to engage in activities highly correlated with producing results. Adept Creative will closely examine the best search traffic for your business and for those of your closest competitors. We will then identify the best search traffic for you to target and provide a plan for owning it. Done right organic traffic from SEO should be your company’s #1 source of traffic and revenue.

No matter how good your SEO is, it can take months to capture a high amount of organic traffic. That is where SEM comes in.

  • Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic.
  • Builds trust and credibility.
  • More engagement, traffic and conversions.
  • Decreases customer acquisition costs.
  • Good SEO improves user experience and website usability.
  • Is a long term strategy.

Our Services

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Our SEO Workflow

We work hard to stay ahead of the SEO curve. Using white hat practices that provide websites with traffic, resulting in higher conversions and a strong ROI.

Phase 1. Project Planning

The first step of our process involves analyzing the keywords you are interested in and the keywords your competitors are targeting. Adept SEO experts will aggregate this data and then use specific search optimization tools to generate further keyword options. The final result will be a list of potential keyword segments to choose from.

With Keyword analysis in hand, we now have the information to make decisions. An Adept consultant will then assign keywords to the pages of your website. At this point we will also do a technical audit and fix any major issues immediately.


Establishing goals
  • Establish primary end goal.
  • Establish macro and micro goals.
Keyword Planning
  • Check current keyword rankings.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Identify growth opportunities.
  • Create keyword map.
Information Architecture
  • Build a customer behavior flow chart.
  • Identify important pages for conversions.
  • Identify which page funnels are working and which are not.
Technical Audit
  • Crawl site to uncover technical opportunities.
  • Identify important pages for conversions.
  • Identify which page funnels are working and which are not.
Phase 2. Implementation

Once keywords and funnels are mapped we will begin on page optimization. On-page SEO is a process that Adept Creative makes sure to expedite quickly so that results can bee realized as soon as possible. SEO does take time.

Onsite code optimization is the next step. We will redirect any broken links, optimize page titles and meta descriptions along with targeted meta keywords. We will then submit your site map to search engines and make sure that your content can be indexted properly. We also take a look at your images making sure all ALT tags are optimized. We will also look into advanced strategies such as schema markup.

Content search optimization is another critical yet straight foreword part of the process. We simply take the keywords listed in the keyword assignment for the page and then work them into the page’s copy. We also make sure H1’s and H2’s are optimized.

We will also look at your internal linking structure and make sure your website flows properly and provides a good UX for your customers.

Fix technical issues

  • Improve website load times.
  • Redirects and fix broken links.
  • Submit site map.

On page optimization

  • Optimize content copy.
  • Improve meta description and title tags.
  • Image and ALT tag optimization.
  • Improve logical structure and crawl depth.
  • Canonization
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile optimization
  • Call-to Action.

Off page optimization

  • Create high quality backlinks.

Conversion rate optimization

  • Crawl site to uncover technical opportunities.
  • Identify important pages for conversions.
  • Identify which page funnels are working and which are not.

Local SEO optimization

Content reusage frameworking


SEO stands for Search engine optimization.

Well in case you missed it, SEO stands for Search Engine optimization.

It is the processed we use to make your webpages rank on search engines for targeted keywords.

SEO is a staple for any digital marketing strategy.

Well it all starts with an website audit. Next an Adept Creative specialist will do keyword research. We then optimize your page with both onpage SEO and offpage SEO. We take care of any techniqual problems and then write engaging content to drive traffic to your website.

Technical SEO is the process of making sure your website is well connected which means no broken links or 404 errors. We also look at page speed as Google has said the page speed is a ranking factor. We also make sure all H tags, ALT tags and meta descriptions are optimized.

On page optimization is everything from targeting keywords in content copy, meta descriptions and title tags, UX, Logical structure and crawl depth, internal linking and mobile optimization and call to action. 

Basically everything relating to SEO on your webpage.

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