Our Marketing Technology

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Technology is shaping the way we reach our customers.

“Data driven marketing solutions powered by Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics. In 2020 the lines between a traditional marketing agency and a tech company are beginning to blur.”

What is AI and Machine Learning Marketing?

Machine learning provides smart alternatives to analyzing vast volumes of data by developing fast and efficient algorithms and data-driven models for real-time processing of data. Machine learning is here to stay.


Adept Creative SEO Technology

We have a number of tools at our disposal ready to provide you with data driven solutions that will give us an advantage over other digital marketing agencies when it comes to driving traffic to your website with SEO.

Adept SEO

Our Adept SEO audit tool will crawl your website and analyze it for any technical errors such as broken links, 404 errors, missing title tags and more. Adept SEO also will also run daily ranking checks and provide competitive intelligence by comparing your site with its top competitors. See traffic estimations for all pages ranking in the top 10. Adept SEO will also provide you visualized reporting.


We also have access to one of the most powerful keyword researching tool on the planet. Ahrefs will generate millions of keyword ideas across 170 countries, which Adept Creative can then target and own with content marketing and SEO. Uncovering content gaps, content research along with Ahrefs powerful backlink explore will give Adept Creative the advantage to apply our very successful content marketing strategies to increase your visibility and search traffic on your website.

Adept Creative AI and Machine Learning Tools

We are currently developing some exciting AI tools and applications to improve customer activation while providing a more personalized experience.  We are currently using predictive analytics for lead scoring.  We are using clustering and psychographic segmentation to build buyer personas. 

We are also dipping our toes into some other exciting AI applications such as copywriting, image recognition and natural language processing.