Brand advertising

Digital Advertising

Advertising is one of most powerful and widely used communication channels for brand building. How to choose an advertising agency If you don’t already have an agency for advertising, select one. Start by defining your priorities in an agency and identifying the areas where you require the most assistance. We at Adept Creative believe we could […]

Understanding the competition

When a business positions its brand in the customer’s mind it is positioning that brand against other brands. It is critical to understand that we most consider the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each competitive organization along with the industry structure itself. At minimum you want to collect the following information Key business objectives, […]

Brand Identity standards and systems

brand Styleguide

When most people think about a brand’s identity, they usually think about the name, the logo, and maybe the tagline. But it consists of so much more: It includes typestyles, colors, symbols, attitude and personality, brand voice, visual style, sound and other mnemonic devices, characters, and spokespeople, product design, package design… Brand Architecture Some brands […]

Understanding the consumer


Organizations exist for one purpose – to meet human needs. Defining your target customer A brand’s success depends on its ability to focus. Businesses often focus on specific customers and narrow their focus to a niche. So how do we identify your brands’ targeted customers? They are satisfied with the brand. They may choose your brand. […]

Designing the Brand

Designing the brand

The brand is increasingly becoming the key source of differentiation that guides a customer purchase choice. Your brand is what people say about you while your not in the room. Powerful brands demand attention. ⁠⁠They can even transform your customers into content creators for your brand.⁠⁠Memorable experiences that people want to share.⁠ At Adept Creative, […]

Brand Design

Brand design and logo creation

There are three major components of brand design that you must focus on once you have identified the target customer. Brand essence Brand promise Brand personality  Brand Essence Brand essence is the timeless quality that a brand processes. It is a brand’s soul. The essence is usually articulated in the following three word format: adjective, […]

Building a Brand

Building a brand

In this series we will discuss what is involved with building a brand. In our last series we discussed how you go about designing a brand. Building a Brand series Brand Awareness to Brand Preference. Integrated Brand Marketing Brand Extension Brand Advertising. Creative Approaches. Brand Ecosystems. Brand Metrics