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Aura Project

The Challenge

The Aura Project already had a logo they had been using during the first few years of the organization’s existence. They were set on various elements of the initial logo but wanted to bring a new life to the initial design while creating an exciting, yet cohesive brand identity system.

What is the Aura Project?

Aura Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to better informing those living with epilepsy how to predict and better manage the onset of their seizures.

One of their main programs is AuraSmart , a comprehensive website that helps those with epilepsy learn more about the disorder and gives step-by-step instructions on what to do when someone has a seizure. It also provides access to educational materials and tools, like an action plan and emergency cards, as well as support for family and friends who want to

A nonprofit to inform and better predict.

Because of these two core objectives, the logo needed to communicate:

1) It’s an organization that helps people be able to predict and better understand their seizures.

2) It’s a place where you can go to learn what to do in the event of a seizure.

The Approach: First we approached by creating an icon that would be the primary design device throughout the identity system and also used as a logo for Aura Smart (the website).

A non profit with a goal to inform and better predict.

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Identity Design

the initial logo for the Aura Project that needed a revamp.

How to reach their goal?

It was important to communicate these two main objectives for this brief:

1) The logo should be engaging and evoke a sense of urgency – it can’t just look pretty – it needs to convey information, so being able to read it quickly and easily is paramount.

2) We need to create a cohesive brand identity system – not just for Aura Project but for all future projects we work on together – because consistency breeds recognition and efficiency.


The original logo had elements that we wanted to keep. The color purple (lavender) is the adopted color of epilepsy awareness, so that was a must to keep in the redesign.

The logo had to look professional but we wanted to add a little bit of color to stand out a bit. Applying a gradient to the symbol seemed to be a good solution.

The presence of the gradient allowed us to create attention-grabbing promotional and event artwork.

Brand Book

The brand book for Aura Project was created to guide how exactly they should go about using this logo. Everything from the usage of color, size of the logo, placement of where the logo can be used are presented here through visuals and written text.

The purpose of Aura Project’s new visual identity system is to create an engaging and memorable experience for those who encounter the organization. We want those individuals looking to learn how to better manage epilepsy to be able to read our logo and identify that it’s a place they can go if they need help, like Aura Smart.

The brand book includes:

* Visual identity standards guide (logo and colors)

* Fonts used

* Promotional/event guidelines

* Social media guidelines

At the end of the day, we wanted to create a professional logo that looks good and conveys important information. We also wanted it to stand out in ways that were fun and engaging. The gradient was a great way to achieve both goals.


Re defining a brand identity.

Aura Project

Promotional Items


The Aura Project wanted a set of promotional materials to help spread awareness and help people better understand epilepsy. Here are some of the items they received:

* Welcome bag insert

* Tote bags

* Postcards 

* Magnet

* Water Bottle Labels

These were just some of the things that Aura Project could use to help spread awareness. We created a brand book that tells them how to properly use these items for their promotional purposes.


Aura Project wanted to create some content for various platforms that was entertaining yet educational. Here are some examples of the kinds of things they can use in the future when creating content:

* Infographics

* Explainer videos

* GIFs / Memes 

* Lookbooks 

Aura Project wanted content that was both entertaining and useful for promoting epilepsy awareness. By utilizing infographics, they can communicate complex information in a fun way. Explainer videos are great because they allow the Aura Project to cover topics with greater detail in a shorter amount of time. Lookbooks are helpful when trying to capture the attention of individuals who want to learn more about epilepsy.


The Aura Project’s website revamp had to be as informative and useful as possible. It also needed to lay out the various ways they could communicate with their audience. The following items were created:

* Animation depicting what you should do during a seizure (twitch, collapse, foam at the mouth)

* Video Playlists for each epilepsy type

* The Aura Project Blog section

* Links to purchase the Aura Project apparel and merchandise

We wanted their website to be as descriptive as possible. Since seizures can happen at any time and anywhere, we decided that an animation showing what a seizure looks like would be effective and engaging for those who want to quickly learn what to do. Everyone should be able to recognize what a seizure looks like and why it’s important to help those who are experiencing it.

Social Media


Although Aura Project’s overall structure hasn’t changed, creating a visual identity will help them stand out and give them a more unique voice on their social media platforms. The following were created:

* Facebook

* Instagram

* Twitter

Aura Project

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