Flow Basketball

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Start up basketball academy with a purpose.

Flow basketball provides online basketball training and in person camps. The non profit organization also restores tired community basketball courts with one of a kind artwork.

The Challenge

Adept Creative has been asked to design a logo and branding system, social media startup strategy, a brand new website with e-commerce store, motion graphics and merchandizing artwork.

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Flow basketball Logo Design

Identity Design

Something bold but fundamental like the perfect jump shot. This logo needs to be versital. It must look good on a shirt, It needs to able able to scale down to be placed on an envelope or scaled up for some application like large banner at a 3 on 3 tournament.


We also need to develop an alternative branding set used for team jerseys.

Logo Design Sketch
Brand stylescape
Flow basketball logo design


The goal was to create something that was bold yet fashionable. We wanted to design trendy branded sport wear that you wanted to wear again.

We decided upon these merch designs. 

Flow Basketball Apparel
Basketball Hoodie
Flow basketball t-shirt design
Flow Basketball Shirt
Flow basketball t shirt design


The website served as a hub of information for a few target audiences.

It provided skill development content for students trying to improve their game.

The website needed to have a section dedicated to Flow Basketballs non profit functions. Such as it volunteer efforts to clean up damaged and under maintained community basketball courts. Along with ways to contribute to the cause.

The website also needed to have an e-commerce shop.

Flow basketball Website design

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