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Urban Bonsai

Urban Bonsai educates and promotes the healthy art of bonsai. 

Urban Bonsai promotes the healthy practice of bonsai.  Along with a store of bonsai essentials.


Their inventory of bonsai essentials includes tools such as concave cutters, root rakes, wire cutters, bud scissors and more. Shop now to take advantage of our great prices!


Urban Bonsai provides a wealth of information for those interested in the practice and art of bonsai. The site features tutorials on multiple styles including formal upright, informal upright, slant/ cascade and semi-cascade style. All articles are written by expert bonsai growers with years of experience.

The Challenge

Adept Creative was challenged with designing a website with an e-commerce store. We designed the logo and brand identity system. Adept developed a content marketing strategy which presented the content in an innovative storytelling design.

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The brand

Urban Bonsai had a rough idea of how they wanted their logo to look. Our team at Adept Creative developed the following logo and brand identity system.

Logo and Identity

The logo needed to be functional and look good on a t-shirt.


The merch

We designed a few promotional branded items for the store.


The content 

Since the initial content developed for the website was educational aimed at the casual beginner, we use a serial storytelling format to the content presentation and distribution.


Social media

Our design team continued to tell the story on social media. We developed social media content templates, messaging along with keyword and hashtag research. We worked with the client to develop a content framework that he and his team could continue and manage.

Website Design

Urban bonsai web design mockup

More articles.